Cannabis Tinctures: A Brief Introduction


There are many types of products available for medicating with cannabis, ranging from your traditional flower, to vape pens, concentrates, and topicals. However, one cannabis innovation that may be overlooked is the cannabis tincture. Tried-and true, this liquid cannabis-infused product is typically made by using a base such as grain alcohol, glycerin, or a neutral oil to bind with the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds from the plant material. You can usually find tinctures in 1 fl oz (30mL) bottles provided with a dropper to help administer consistent doses.   


Every person has their own preferred method of medicating with cannabis and using a tincture may be a great option for those looking for something that is convenient and discreet. Smoking cannabis can be cumbersome as it requires additional accessories like a grinder, pipe (or paper), and a lighter. It also has a recognizable odor that, for some, may be undesirable. Cannabis tinctures are relatively ordorless and come in inconspicuous packaging; great for those trying to keep a low profile. Taken orally, you can use your tincture whenever you’d like without anyone knowing. Precise dosing and quick onset of effects are other benefits to using tinctures, as each bottle should be labelled with the cannabinoid potency to help you know how much cannabis you have consumed. When taken sublingually, the cannabis compounds are absorbed through the mucus membranes under the tongue instead of going through the lengthy digestive process, thus delivering fast results.



Some of our District Cannabis tinctures currently available in the DMV market consist of solely THC, but we also offer a full line of CBD tinctures, available in several ratios and as high as a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. The various options that we carry allow patients to find the right tincture for their needs. THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, has many health benefits from being an anti-inflammatory agent, muscle relaxant, and a helpful sleep aid. On the other hand, CBD has many of the same benefits as THC, but without the mind-altering effects. Different combinations of CBD and THC may be more beneficial for a multitude of patients who may have sensitivities to high THC levels, and CBD can have a more balancing effect by lessening the psychoactive effects of THC.  


Most recently, we have partnered with CEO and lifestyle guru Jane West to release two effect-specific tinctures in the DC market. Available in Day and Night, the Jane West tincture is infused with top quality full-spectrum cannabis concentrate, as well as targeted botanical extracts that allow for a more specific, intended use. The Day tincture delivers energizing, cerebral effects whereas Night unwinds you, giving strong indica-like effects, which help those with sleep issues and/or pain management. Easily dose your medicine with the graduated dropper, which comes labeled in different milligrams to help stay consistent with your dosing.


Tinctures can have a fast onset of effects when placed under the tongue and waiting 20 to 30 seconds before swallowing. This allows for the cannabinoids to get into the bloodstream more efficiently, usually within 10 to 15 minutes. Always start in low doses to create a reference point for how much your body needs to feel the desired medicinal effects.  




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