Goodbye Twenty-Twenty

Every years end we get together and celebrate the birth of a new year, a new opportunity. This year, as terrible as it was in so so many ways, forced many of us out of our comfort zones. It was here that we were able to truly grow. Many people lost their jobs and were forced into new ventures. Forced to reflect on their own passions and abilities, they were able to pour into themselves. Many people started their own businesses. Many people were forced to work from home and grew closer to their families. This year we added over 20,000 Maryland medical patients to our community. This year people got creative. Many people learned a new skill, mastered a craft, or found a new hobby. Many people took this time to focus on their mental health & physical well-being. And, even if 2020 is totally kicking your ass, you’re still here- and that is something to celebrate. But, since this was no ordinary year- we should celebrate with no ordinary drink.

The Silver Lining Mocktail
in a chilled champagne glass combine the following:

6 oz. of Sutter Home Fre (alcohol-free) Sparkling Brut

District Cannabis Tincture in your desired strength & dosage

1 oz Elderflower & Lemon Syrup

2 raspberries to garnish

Stir & Enjoy!
As you drink, remember all the positive things 2020 has brought you!
Happy New Year!


The floral components of the elderflower syrup combine perfectly with the natural terpenes in the tincture making for a subtly sweet, bubbly concoction. The hint of lemon brightens up the sparkling brut and the raspberries absorb a lot of the cannabis oil, so make sure you eat them when you’re done!

Our Tinctures are available in several different strengths and ratios of THC:CBD and are currently only available in the District. If you are a Maryland patient though, you’re in luck! Washington D.C. accepts valid medical cards from 47 states, including Maryland- meaning you can drive down to the city and purchase product with an entirely separate allotment. Our D.C. market offers an array of medical products not yet available in Maryland, like our tinctures, bath soaks, and edibles – just to name a few. I enjoy the simplicity of the product. It comes with a graduated dropper, allowing you to dial in your perfect dose every time. I also love the versatility- you can take sublingually, add it to your morning coffee or tea- you can even add it to your bath water!

Cheers to a happy & healthy New Year.
Stay Safe!