Linalool is an acyclic monoterpenoid, meaning it contains two isoprene units and 10 carbon atoms. The chemical formula for Linalool is C10H18O. In its natural state, linalool is found in more than 200 flowers and spices such as lavender, coriander, mint, cinnamon, and rosewood. The word linalool is based on linaloe, a sweet, floral type of wood native to Mexico. In medical cannabis plants, linalool is typically responsible for producing a floral, spicy or woody aroma. Not only does cannabis with higher potencies of Linalool offer a strong sedative experience, research also shows that Linalool can supply the following benefits in medical cannabis:

– Anti-anxiety

– Stress relief

– Anticonvulsant

– Antidepressant

– Muscle relaxant


Some commonly known strains with higher Linalool levels include Do-Si-Dos and Zsittlez. Here at District Cannabis we see Linalool expression mostly in our indica dominant strains: Gelato Cake and Cherry Chem