The District Cannabis Dispensary – Union Market, DC

Get in, we’re going shopping. 

The District family is excited to present our flagship dispensary located across from Union Market in DC! We’ve been working for many months to perfect what we want in a dispensary experience: clear, efficient process from the time you walk in, to the end of the transaction- a process that allows for education and perusing if you want to get in depth about the products or an in-and-out, quick transaction if you’re on the go.


We’ve tried to streamline the check-in process as much as possible, with staff available to help every step of the way.  

A quick rundown of the DC cannabis regulations:  

If you’re a DC resident, you can self-certify for free and shop for everything except high-dose edibles or prior to shopping, you can obtain a certification with a doctor and shop our full menu. 

If you’re an out-of-state medical patient, we offer reciprocity, and our full menu is available to purchase. 

If you’re an out-of-state shopper, you have the option to self-certify for a minimum of a 3-day certification for $10 and shop for everything except high-dose edibles.  

We have devices available and staff to assist you with self-certifying on-site, which only requires a valid government issued photo ID and a debit/credit card. 


Now that you’re checked in, you will be directed through the glass doors into our sunny sales floor.  

We want the shopping experience to be tailored to the individual’s needs. If you’re in a rush and need to be in-and-out, we got you. We offer a speedy check-out for online orders, or you can place your order with the next available budtender and be on your way.  


If you want a more immersive and educational experience, we have floating budtenders on our sales floor that are happy to discuss products in as much detail as you’d like. You’re also welcome to peruse the floor at your own pace and get to know the menu with our lightboxes that display descriptions for all our in-house strains including strain cross information and terpene and cannabinoid profiles (the only cultivator in the district testing for terpene profiles). If you’re unfamiliar with an infused product’s use, our edible, topical, and concentrates all have descriptors as well. 

A common gripe at dispensaries is not being able to see or smell the flower that you’re going to purchase. To help solve that, we created a smell jar station on our sales floor atop the lightboxes where samples of each strain on our flower menu are on display. Inspect the buds through the magnifier on top of the container and push the bean-shaped button on the side to get a waft of the bud’s terpy goodness expelled from the container. When you’re ready to order, relay your order to one of the budtenders and they’ll call your name when it’s ready; all you need to do is pay and you’re good to go!  

After leaving the dispensary, stock up at Union Market for all the best munchies- 

Next door at the Italian market, A. Litteri, grab a sandwich, head inside the market to Parachute Pizza for a slice of cacio y pepe pizza, Peregrine coffee for a pick me up, Ladurée for the original macaron, or Bread Alley for a speakeasy bread spot.   

A. Litteri, Inc.                                                  

We can’t wait to see you!  


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