Cannabis as a Natural Stimulant: Can weed promote greater productivity?



Oh cannabis. You’re mainly known for your relaxing capabilities like bringing us into a state of calm, providing a restful night’s sleep, and aiding in pain relief through your sedative-like effects. You can increase appetite, providing pleasure with sweet treats while binge watching a whole season of Euphoria in one night. I mean, let’s be real, there’s been so many moments where cannabis is the perfect solution to helping me feel more at ease. From helping with my insomnia, to providing much needed physical relief, hitting a joint becomes a pleasant and reliable choice. But what if I want to utilize cannabis for purposes other than sending me off into an amazing slumber, or giving my back a break from aching? 


Cannabis is extremely unique and versatile in its uses. But what if you need it to do the complete opposite? What if you are looking for an alternative, natural solution that will provide you the energy needed to get up and move? Something to help you be motivated and productive.

Let’s look at it from a molecular level. Chemical compounds, such as Terpenes, are the key to the type of effects that you feel. Secreted from the resin glands of the cannabis plant, these compounds are known to provide the flavor, aroma, and effects that make each and every strain unique. To name a few, terpenes like Limonene and Pinene can help motivate you to get things done.





     Limonene is a terpene commonly found in the peels of citrus fruits, but you can also find levels of Limonene 

     within the cannabis plant too. Studies have shown that this terpene can promote an uplift in mood. 








     Pinene, also known as alpha or beta-pinene, creates an aroma that reminds you of pine. It can also be found in

     rosemary, dill, parsley, and of course, cannabis. This terpene is said to promote focus, motivation, and increase






It really makes a huge difference when you start to pay attention to the terpene profile of a particular cannabis strain. This gives you a little more precision in selecting the one that best fits your needs and the experience you are seeking. It also shows that cannabis doesn’t only have the ability to send you off into a wave of deep relaxation, rather, it can provide you with a burst of energy, assert your attention to finish a task, and even elevate your mood. Truly a natural stimulant.


Maybe it’s a beautiful day and you are having trouble getting up, or you’re feeling tired and absolutely dreading that gym session you’re about to have. Well, have no fear because cannabis is here! Strains like Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, and Trainwreck are some great options that typically have high levels of the two power terps, Limonene and Pinene, to help you start moving, grooving, and taking on the day. 




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