Let's Make Cannabis
Green Again

In 2017 cannabis cultivation consumed over 1.1 million MWh of electricity and produced 472,000 tons of CO2 emissions in the US alone. And for us, this is not ok. So when we started growing in the district we made it our mission to find a better way. As a company and an industry. Now we’re sharing all of our technology and techniques with the rest of the word.


Save Water

Our hydroponic system uses one tenth of the water and yields more than traditional methods.

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Save Energy

By switching to LED lighting and energy efficient dehumidification, we save a ton on electricity


Save Money

Conserving water and energy allowed us to lower our wholesale prices.

The Science of Savings

Our big secrets, here they are. All of the technology and techniques that helped us cut our energy usage in half. Why are we sharing? It’s simple really. Sustainability is a team sport. The more cannabis companies that implement these techniques, the healthier the planet will be.

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Our hydroponic system uses 90% less water and fertilizers. Combined with a Hoogendoorn Aquabalance wireless data collection system, we can optimise production and identify cost savings every step of the way.


Built upon patented thermal management technologies, the Fluence VYPR 3p LED units feature market leading efficacies and higher light output per fixture, enabling the direct replacement of a 1000w HPS fixture at more than 40% energy savings. This further reduces the number of fixtures and system cost per lit area, lowering the capital investment and accelerating the adoption of LED horticultural lighting.
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In order to remove moisture and heat generated by plant transpiration and lighting, indoor farming operations require dehumidification and sensible cooling. Traditional dehumidification systems increase air temperature. Our MSP Technology system uses a plate air-to-air heat exchanger and a cooling coil that is part of a split compressor-based refrigeration system. The result has potential to save 30% or more of the energy used in an indoor farm.


We have built our new semi-closed greenhouse expansion to attach to our existing warehouse. Using the sun as the main lighting source drastically cuts back on the energy required for an indoor grow. Additionally, maintaining full climate control provides the ideal growing environment.

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By conserving water and energy, while utilizing the best of new and old technologies, we were able to cut our costs in a major way. These practices allowed us to lower our wholesale prices which means more people can afford to buy our high quality, clean, and environmentally sound products.

Need more information? Email us directly at: high@districtcannabis.us