Cherry Chem

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A relaxing strain that’s unparalleled for sleep disorders and appetite stimulation.
Cherry Chem is a stunningly beautiful strain composed of a cross of Cherry Pie x Chem 2.0 that’s flecked with deep purple and ochre tones. It offers a unique blend that layers tart cherry perfume over chemical laden astringent funk. This flower has a robust sweet flavor that lingers on the palate for hours on end.

Available Amounts

1 Gram
3.5 Grams
14 Grams


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July 8, 2021

Amazing awesome flower a true indica hitting heavy in the body love this strain

May 29, 2021

Nothing from District Cannabis disappoints. So far I’ve tried Layer Cake, Gelato Cake and Cherry Chem. Cherry Chem gives me the strong, anytime effect I’m looking for, which makes sense with even amounts of caryophylene, myrcene and limonene. The fluffy, but dense buds smell like sour fruit and gas. Luckily I was able to get another eighth from the same batch. Do yourself a favor and try this strain.

June 23, 2021

District stays on point!!! This flower is beautiful. Fruit & diesel filled gas. I actually slept on this one for a min. It’s become one of my fav strains of late. Definitely recommend. District bring back the Sour D!!

February 19, 2021

As always some straight 🔥 from District Cannabis!!! Has a Chem overlay on the tongue and the exhale is a sweet cherry 🍒 that just staying on your taste buds for AGES!!! Gunna be buy this strain til they run out

February 25, 2021

The smell is straight GAS. Really pretty buds with trichomes everywhere, perfect cure. Not the most flavorful bud I’ve had, but it checks all the boxes. Really good early evening or “lazy day but don’t want the couch lock” bud. Props to District Cannabis for this one.