Cherry Chem: My Experience

I was sitting in the break room a couple weeks back when my boss comes flying through the door,

“Do you think we’re hyping up the Cherry Chem too much?” she said seriously.

“What??” I laughed in confusion…I thought that was the point.
“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The Gelato Cake is like a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of strain, but the Cherry Chem is a lot heavier” she explained, “it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea.”

Looking back now, it was probably that encounter that sold me on the full half ounce.

Maryland as a lot of great hybrid strains. District Cannabis has a lot of great hybrid strains. Strains packed with uplifting terpene profiles and 30%+ THC, and that’s all great! But what the market lacks is an abundance and consistent supply of sedative, analgesic, healing strains. Until now.

You know how everyone’s house has a different smell? But you wouldn’t think your own house smells any certain way because, well it’s yours- and you’re there all the time. Acclimated to it. It’s very much the same when we get a new strain in the flower rooms. You walk in and instinctually your brain is like, “What is that!?!” “That’s a new smell!” If you’re like me, you scramble trying to associate the nuances of that smell with something you’ve experienced before. Personally, I got mulling spice and whiskey notes. I imagined a mysterious woman, drinking a Manhattan alone in a dimly lit smoke-filled bar. She was woody and spicy- yet sweet and endearing. Each time her perfume filled my sinuses, it was like I could almost taste her. I knew she was going to be different from the rest, this woman, but what I wasn’t prepared for was to fall in love.

Taste: Barrel-Aged Maraschino Cherries
Aroma: Cardamom + Mulling Spice
Effects: Deeply Sedating. I found great relief from my insomnia, and an increase in my appetite!
Noteworthy tidbits: Provoked vivid, almost lucid, dreams. Helped with my anxiety but was too sedating for me to use in the daytime and stay productive. Slowed my anxious mind enough to where I could do some introspection and dive deep into my emotions. Long-term I could see this strain helping those who suffer from depression.